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Hi! My name is Vitaly Mikrukov!

I’m glad that you’ve downloaded my PDF-file. Thanks for being interested in the topic of permanent make-up laser removal.

I’m a surgeon, cosmetologist and the Candidate of Medical Sciences. I’ve been engaged in laser tattoo and permanent make-up removal for more than 11 years! During my many years of experience I’ve studied all kinds of articles and scientific researches, encountered interesting cases in permanent make-up sphere and in laser removal. I’ve also delved into the physics of lasers and the structure of the skin as well.

In my social networks I regularly conduct live broadcasts and webinars with analysis of important topics and cases, publish articles and video lessons about laser tattoo removal and pigments! If you don’t want to miss it — than follow me on Instagram and Facebook ;)

I assure you, it’ll be helpful and entertaining!