The online course

Up your professional skills and improve the quality of your work in PMU by learning the structure and physiology of the skin!
My name is Vitaly Mikrukov.

Я кандидат медицинских наук, врач-хирург, косметолог и уже более 11 лет занимаюсь изучением строения кожи, пигментологии, лазерного удаления!
I am a surgeon, cosmetologist and Ph.D. in medicine. I’ve been engaged in laser tattoo and permanent make-up removal for more than 11 years!

From my extended experience, I’ve studied all kinds of articles and scientific papers, encountered interesting cases in permanent make-up, scrutinized in detail, the structure of the skin and its interaction with pigments. And I want to share all this knowledge with you!

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