Coaching program and free materials for permanent makeup masters about the structure of the skin, pigments and their laser removal
My name is Vitaly Mikryukov.
And I will teach you how to remove tattoo and laser tattoo!

In 2008, I saw a 15 second video on YouTube about tattoo removal, where it disappeared like magic under the influence of a laser! After 1 month, the same apparatus was in my office

At that time, there were no Russian-language teaching materials on this topic yet, and I had to gain knowledge bit by bit: on the basis of experiments on my patients, translating articles from foreign journals, consulting with foreign colleagues. I made every possible mistake, but I was able to put all the information together and organize it

Laser coaching

Online coaching program on how to become an expert in laser tattoo removal, to whom clients shout “Take my money!” And whose advice colleagues listen with bated breath

Besides coaching

My social networks. Only for those who want to know me better
I divided the spheres of my life on different social networks. And the choice is yours
Webinar recordings
For those who are constantly busy. Here I collect recordings of past webinars on laser removal, pigments and skin structure, and post invitations for upcoming
Useful blog

He collected in it his notes, observations and cases in laser removal of permanent makeup and tattoos. Come in, read the articles. Interesting ;)
I hope you become a part of my community!
I'm glad you came to this site! And glad to meet you!
My name is Vitaly Mikryukov

I am a candidate of medical sciences, surgeon, cosmetologist. Owner of a patent for the author's method of removing tattoos with Nd: YAG Q-switch lasers

11 years of personal practical experience in cosmetology and laser tattoo and tattoo removal. Trained 2,975 students from 49 countries

Speaker of numerous international conferences and congresses on cosmetology and permanent makeup

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